Added values

Specialized in operational asset classes. Focused on coaching, strategy, concepts and investments.


Based on education and in-depth knowledge, nudging to impactful business and team development. Our sessions are valuable for our clients, in terms of inspiration, reflection, expanding business in mature markets or exploring emerging markets.


As trusted advisor, we are developing research based, sustainable business - opco and propco - for operators and investors. Creating strategic plans to make the portfolio futureproof or viable business plans to expand, in terms of diversification or geographical.

Referrals of clients and partners


Creating tailor-made, state-of-the-art concepts with viable business cases and long-term partnerships. We strive to the perfect consensus of user needs, local market insights (e.g. ageing demographics, consumer behavior and regulations) and operational excellence.


Creating investable product with long-term impact for residents, operator and investor. Based on our track record in operational asset classes, we are driven to create a mature European senior housing and healthcare investment market. We have a continuous pipeline in cure and care.